13 Reasons We Decided to Move to Portugal from the USA

At the point when we let individuals know that we are moving to Portugal, we’re met with similar reactions and questions each time. Most everybody has an interest in WHY we are taking the action against Portugal from the US, how we are getting it going, and how it affects our future.

So we’re sharing our American ex-pat excursion for those that are considering moving to Portugal or another piece of this astounding world.

Our Decision Process About the Move to Portugal

The justification for composing this blog entry was to share everything we thought about while choosing to take this action. We are utilizing the D7 Visa to get our Portugal home license. Assuming you are keen on taking action against Portugal, there is data towards the finish of this post that can assist you with beginning the interaction.

1. We Always Wanted to Empty Nest or Retire Abroad

Fellow and I met each other quite a while back in a bar in Mexico on my senior year spring break. We ran off following a month and a half. What’s more, in the event that that wasn’t adequately wild, we just got and moved to Paris when I graduated. Here is our insane story.

Being presented with another culture is invigorating. The lines began to obscure between our American casing of reference and our Parisian presence. We absorbed everything for a very long time until we wound up between a rock and a hard place financially and needed to return to the US to land positions.

Starting there on, we can’t escape needing to be ex-pats once more. We considered doing it ordinarily with our children close behind and eventually concluded that our craving to give them an old neighborhood offset every one of the intriguing prospects of living somewhere else.

With our most youthful graduating school this present time is the opportunity. So how about we bounce into – Why Portugal.


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2. American Expats Moving to Portugal Love the Cost of Living

It’s an obvious fact that Portugal is one of the most mind-blowing nations for American Expats. It’s been highlighted as one of the main 10 nations in Forbes, Travel and Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, and Business Insider. One of the main motivations is the reasonable cost for many everyday items.

Certain individuals say Portugal is so modest however it relies upon your circumstance. In the event that you live in a more affordable piece of the US and move to Portugal’s greater urban communities, you should seriously mull over it more sensible than modest.

We leased a house in midtown Ericeira, strolling distance to everything including the ocean side, for 1/4 of what it costs us to reside in Los Angeles. Our confidential medical coverage is 1/10 the expense in the US. Mobile phones, food, cafés, and other everyday costs will likewise be more affordable. Vehicle costs will be higher.

3. Imparting in English and Spanish Makes the Move to Portugal Much Easier

At the point when we were picking where we needed to move, language was a significant thought. With English, solid Spanish, and some French, there were many choices.

Fortunately, numerous Portuguese individuals communicate in English, particularly in large urban communities. As a reinforcement, Spanish comes in very convenient when there’s a language hole. Having the option to limit the language hindrance permits us an opportunity to learn Portuguese.

My underlying response to Portuguese was that it’s so difficult to advance yet I feel quite certain that we’ll oversee on the grounds that Portuguese individuals are exceptionally benevolent when we attempt to rehearse.

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4. A Lot of Other Expats Move to Portugal

It generally helps when you can track down others with normal interests and moving to another nation most certainly bonds individuals.

There are so many Expat gatherings and exercises in Portugal. We joined the Americans and Friends PT Facebook Group and have previously made companions in our new town and around Portugal.

Numerous ex-pats have remarked that their social schedule is more occupied than any time in recent memory since their transition to Portugal. It assists with making quick companions while you get to know your Portuguese people group.

5. Partaking in the Portuguese Way of Life

We love the way of life in Portugal. Portuguese individuals are benevolent and well disposed and InterNations.org has positioned Portugal as the most amicable country towards ex-pats. As well as being exceptionally inviting, the Portuguese loosened-up lifestyle is so engaging.

We selected to move to a town 40 minutes beyond Lisbon so we can have the most ideal scenario. We’ll have every one of the advantages of living close to a major city with incredible eateries, historical centers, shopping, the air terminal, and the clinic, and that’s just the beginning.

What’s more, our everyday life will be in the cutest surf town with cobblestone roads and having the option to walk all over the place.

6. The Mediterranean Climate Was Key For Our Move to Portugal

I’m one of those individuals who might never endure living in Seattle or someplace dark. Splendid bright days are my unquestionable necessity.

At a gamble of seeming like Goldilocks, it likewise can’t be too hot by the same token. That is the reason we realize that the Algarve district was definitely not a solid match. The northern piece of Portugal gets cold and stormy in the colder time of year. The region north of Lisbon, the Silver Coast, is perfect!

Ericeira has its own microclimate. The sea directs the temperature holding it back from getting excessively hot or excessively cold. I’ve had Ericeira in my climate application for the last year, really looking at it on various occasions for seven days. The environment mirrors Los Angeles intently.

7. Portugal is One of the Safest Countries in the World

Well-being and public issues like vagrancy have been upfront in Los Angeles and the US overall. Furthermore, every one of the extreme sentiments everybody has about immunizations, veils, and governmental issues is debilitating.

While you really want to focus on your own security and trivial wrongdoing in any significant city on the planet, savage wrongdoing is very low in Portugal. Vagrancy is likewise extremely low in Portugal. Also, immunization rates are exceptionally high.

No nation is awesome. There is great and terrible all over the place, however generally speaking we have a good sense of security about moving to Portugal.

8. Portugal is Filled With Beautiful Places to Explore

We’ve been biting the dust to have another spot to investigate and there is so much to find in Portugal.

On our most memorable outing, we visited the unique city of Lisbon, palace-filled Sintra, and the extraordinarily gorgeous city of Porto. They were all astonished and had an incredible first gander at the country. However, we realized there was something else to see.

We made a beeline for Portugal outfitted with a rundown of spots that were possibly great spots to live. Our multi week Portugal exploring trip included Ericeira, Mafra, Peniche, Foz do Arelho, Obidos, Nazaré, Cascais, Évora, Comporta, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Sagres and Lagos.

We’ve scarcely started to expose what’s accessible and want to investigate the country inside and out throughout the following year. I can hardly hold back to share each of the wonderful objections we will visit, here on the blog.

9. Moving to Portugal for Great Surfing

Surfing is one of Guy’s unquestionable requirements. He totally wouldn’t move to Portugal or live anyplace that is over a short way from the ocean side. So I needed to search for places with extraordinary waves.

Portugal is known for probably the best surfing and the town we are moving to, Ericeira, is one of 10 spots on the planet (and the only one in Europe) that is an area of the planet Surfing Reserve. It’s likely not incidental that we are moving from one of the 10 WSR places, Malibu, to Ericeira.

There are wide sandy sea shores for unwinding, safeguarded sea shores for safe water exercises, and elite riding sea shores. There are likewise a lot of surf spots for novices. We energetically suggest one of these Ericeira lodgings so you can see it for yourself.

Since I’m not a surfer, you could consider how might this benefit the non-surfers. In the same way as other surf towns, Ericeira has loads of yoga, a lot of climbing, and exquisite ocean sees from all over the place. The town helps me to remember Canggu, Bali with incredible ocean side energy and yummy, solid eateries.

10. The Ability to Work Remotely in Portugal

At the point when we initially wanted to move to another country, we never saw a way for Guy to move with us. Something beneficial about our Covid world is that Guy’s work is practically 100 percent far off at this point. As a movement blogger, I can work anyplace with a respectable web.

Fortunately, Portugal has an incredible foundation including a high-velocity web. We’ve gone to a lot of where that is not the situation.

We are talking our professions with us and best of all, the time change permits us to have all day free. The fellow will begin working around 3 pm.

The transition to Portugal is an enormous redesign on our personal satisfaction and the main thing we’re surrendering is going out to supper on non-weekend days.

11. The Portugal D7 Visa Allows You to Try Residency

We get countless inquiries concerning how to move to Portugal and the one thing that is clear is that there’s a great deal of disarray.

The Portugal Golden Visa program is conceivable on the off chance that you are able to monetarily contribute through land or a business, to get a residency license. There are a lot of rules and the land choices do exclude Portugal’s coast or greatest urban communities.

12. There’s a Path to Portuguese Citizenship After Five Years

One of the astonishing pieces of going through the Portuguese residency process is that it can prompt long-lasting home and citizenship in 5 years. On the off chance that you live 6-8 months a year in Portugal (Golden Visa just requires 2 weeks every year), following 5 years, you can turn into a Portuguese resident.

We have no clue assuming this is the sort of thing that will wind up occurring however it’s our objective in the event that we love living there. Portugal offers one of the quickest ways to citizenship in the European Union.

13. There Are So Many Great Countries to Explore Near Portugal

Montenegro View

In the event that you have followed this blog, you might be aware of our 50 Country World Travel Challenge. The objective was to visit 50 new nations in our 50s so we would push our limits and visit places we probably won’t go in any case.

This great objective made us ready for our most memorable excursion to Portugal and this new section of our lives.

It additionally opened the entryway for us to attempt nations that we considered one day, making them a reality like Croatia, Malta, Turkey, Jordan, and Egypt.

We were looking extraordinary so far and went to 14 nations in the initial 2 years until life as far as we might be concerned changed. While the most recent 2 years have been unbelievably hard for everybody, they showed us the advantages of dialing back and the delight of slow travel.

Living a little ways from the Lisbon Airport and bunches of modest direct flights opens a universe of conceivable outcomes. At the point when you can get places in a couple of hours, you’re not squeezed to do a lot in too brief a period.

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