3 Days in Santorini Itinerary and Best Things to do in Santorini

We’ve all seen those incomprehensibly wonderful blue and white photographs that make you need to jump on a plane to Santorini Greece at the present time! We burned through 3 days in Santorini while heading to the Middle East however truly wished our excursion had been somewhat longer. We made this Santorini schedule to be adaptable and remembered the best activities for Santorini so you can single out how to invest your energy. You additionally track down subtleties on where to remain, when to go and how to get around.

I profoundly question what you want to persuade yet Santorini ought to be on your European Bucket List. I realize that I was concerned it was packed – however when you get beyond the greatest towns, it’s unwinding and wonderful. You can get a blend of calm and energy of this beautiful island.

How long in Santorini?

I still can’t seem to hear somebody say they spent too much time in Santorini and many individuals feel as if they didn’t get enough. At any rate, plan three days in Santorini. Indeed, this is quite possibly the best spot on the planet to unwind and take in those Instagrammable perspectives however there are so many fun things you can do. You could totally spend seven days assuming that have the opportunity.

Many individuals visit Santorini on an Island Hopping visit yet we really halted in Santorini for 3 days en route to Jordan. There are non-stop departures from Santorini air terminal (JTR) to countless intriguing objections like London, Barcelona, and Rome. This is an incredible expansion to any excursion on the off chance that the flights turn out for you.

For individuals arranging a visit through the Greek Islands, it’s critical to sort out how long to spend in each spot. Santorini is heartfelt and unwinding. In the event that you are going with a critical other or are searching for a serene outing, plan at least 2 days in Santorini.


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To wrap things up, certain individuals get some information about visiting Santorini as a road trip. Truly, you are committing an error. Indeed, you’ll see those amazingly popular vistas however you will totally surge and you’ll miss the energy of this top-notch island. There are such countless brilliant objections in Greece for novices, plan a more extended trip and spend basically a couple of days in every space.

Best Time to go to Santorini

The high season in Santorini is June through mid-September. I energetically suggest visiting Santorini during the shoulder time of April, May, September, or October thus:

The weather conditions are better during the shoulder season. You will in any case get that wonderful summer climate and keep away from the insane intensity.

You’ll have the option to get an inn reservation. The costs are not ordinarily a lot less expensive during the shoulder season however you will track down greater accessibility. Assuming you need lower costs, there are north of 200 Santorini inns that stay open from November to May when numerous others shut down. Santorini has turned into an all-year objective.

Santorini’s experience in the travel industry. You will see very quickly that this island is truly unique. Adding to something that harms it, doesn’t feel much better and it’s unsavory to be there when there are such countless individuals.

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Santorini Itinerary Day 1

Get gotten comfortable in your inn. On the off chance that you haven’t done such early, make arrangements to do a couple of visits and a Caldera boat journey at some point during your visit. See beneath for the suggested visits. It’s good to do a boat voyage on your most memorable day to get the lay of the land (or water)

Presently go appreciate partake in your astounding Santorini pool/inn or stroll around the charming roads and rear entryways to familiarize yourself with your new area. Assuming you’re eager stop at Melitini for a few yummy Greek tapas. Remain for dusk sees on the housetop deck.

In the event that you are not doing the dusk journey on your most memorable evening, make a beeline for Oia and join the tomfoolery horde of nightfall watchers. Stay close by for something like 30 minutes after the sun dips under the skyline for the prettiest sky and a more quiet, heartfelt second to partake in the magnificence of this fantastic piece of the earth.

For supper, walk a short way from the dusk highlight Fino for delectable food, great air, and innovative mixed drinks. An extraordinary spot to complete your most memorable day of the excursion!

Santorini Itinerary Day 2

Get up and do the Fira to Oia climb. It’s a top action in Santorini. Assuming that you are there during high season, you’ll believe should do the stroll before 11 am to keep away from the most sultry piece of the day. You want 2-4 hours relying upon how frequently you need to pause and snap pics of the madly astounding perspectives! Your inn can show you where to go and don’t stress a lot over getting lost. There are a lot of individuals who can point you in the correct bearing.

Join a wine visit. The advantage to joining a visit for wine sampling is the undeniable reality that you would rather not be driving drunk. Go visit 3 wineries and test the famous Greek wines. You can do this during the day or at dusk.

This evening is a decent night for supper in Fira town. Attempt Argo with flavorful food and, surprisingly, better perspectives.

Santorini Itinerary Day 3

In the event that you have a rental vehicle, today is an extraordinary day to utilize it. Make a beeline for the opposite side of the island to look at a dark sand ocean side. Kamari is an incredible decision. Ensure you welcome shoes or something to stroll on the sand since it can get hot.

Red oceanside

As the last stop, go see Akrotiri. It’s the site of old human progress and we were totally blown away. At the point when you see it, it appears as though an archeologic dig however you’ll have the option to get a feeling of the unbelievably progressed 4,000-year-old culture.

Partake in a credible Greek supper at Metaxi Mas, which many concur is the best café on the island. You need to save ahead and ensure you go hungry in light of the fact that the bits are huge.

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