Best 3 Days in Dubrovnik Itinerary for First-Timers

Croatia has all that you would need in a movement location – wonderful to unwind, delightful scenes, memorable design, and a carefree culture. Our 3 days in Dubrovnik schedule will provide you with a sample of this notable city, remembering some for the water experience and island bouncing.

A great many people start or end their Croatian experience in Dubrovnik, a city in the southern piece of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. Known for the Old Town encompassed by enormous stone walls, Dubrovnik is presumably currently on your list of must-dos, particularly on the off chance that you are a Game of Thrones fan.
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Best Time to Visit Dubrovnik

The late spring a very long time in Dubrovnik is by a wide margin the most well-known chance to visit. July and August are the two hottest and most packed a long time to visit. Albeit the city will be unimaginably enthusiastic, these months might be somewhat overpowering because of the way that Dubrovnik is on the more modest side.

The shoulder season a long time between June and September has a wonderful warm climate and is somewhat less swarmed. May and October are additionally ideal times to visit yet the water temperature might be excessively cold for swimming. You will notwithstanding, find inn bargains that make available.

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About this 3 Days in Dubrovnik Itinerary

Croatia overall can become very busy in the late spring and Dubrovnik is definitely not an extremely enormous city. Assuming that you are visiting between June to August, make arrangements for your facilities and exercises somewhat early.

We’ve recorded incredible lodgings and Airbnbs as well as the most famous visits. I have encountered and explored the number of these visits work and which organizations will make your outing generally significant. It’s difficult to leave Dubrovnik without having done a journey on the Adriatic Sea.

There’s a tad of everything all through this multi-day schedule, however, Dubrovnik can be investigated in one day in the event that you are restricted on time. This agenda is gotten up positioned see the fundamental sights of Dubrovnik right from the start and afterward partake in the sea shores and close by islands for a really long time 2 and 3.

There are numerous choices for road trips from Dubrovnik. It’s impeccably arranged to be the leaping-off point for a Balkan experience, a Croatia island jumping journey or to see a portion of our suggested 25 Top Europe list of must-dos undertakings.

3 Days in Dubrovnik Itinerary: Day 1

Stroll Around the Dubrovnik City Walls – an Itinerary Highlight

The city walls encompassing Dubrovnik’s Old Town are the most renowned vacation spot. As a matter of fact, Game of Thrones sweethearts will perceive the Old Town walls as King’s Landing, a city depicted in the show. Strolling the walls is an extraordinary encounter as you will get to see unimaginable perspectives and verifiable milestones. It requires one to two hours to walk as far as possible around. It’s just 1.2 miles yet you’ll stop continually to take photographs.

There are two different ways you can walk the city walls, without anyone else or on a directed strolling visit. The benefit to going without anyone else is that you can establish your rhythm and go any time you need. We went all alone and entered when they opened at 8 am. The advantage to going so early is that you can stay away from the groups that truly begin to get weighty around 9 am. Some other opportunity to see the walls with fewer individuals is at sunset. If you favor a directed visit that will bring up locales that you wouldn’t probably see, there are gathering or confidential visits Regardless of how you decide to investigate the walls, you should purchase a ticket which you can purchase at the entry or early. Round of Thrones fans are fortunate indeed as an extraordinary 2-hour Game of Thrones Tour with Outer Wall Ticket is advertised. In reality, individuals who have never seen the show, love this visit as well!

Visiting Fort Lovrijenac Should Be On Your Dubrovnik Itinerary

Your Dubrovnik city wall ticket incorporates the extra charge for Fort Lovrijenac. It is situated external to the western wall and is a theater and post. It’s likewise one of the Games of Thrones recording areas. The show depicts it as the Red Keep in King’s Landing. There are extraordinary perspectives on Dubrovnik Old Town from Fort Lovrijenac.

During your 3 days in Dubrovnik, Croatia, you’ll invest a ton of energy in and around the Old Town. Dubrovnik Old Town is loaded up with history and culture, also scrumptious eateries and exuberant bars too. It’s so enjoyable to investigate this region since down each rear entryway and road you will track down various unexpected, yet invaluable treasures.

As far as food, you can pick any neighborhood eatery or attempt a famous set to eat something, for example, Above 5 which is a housetop café with an incredible view above Dubrovnik Old Town and the ocean. Azur is likewise a delectable café right on the Adriatic Sea with Asian combination food.

Assuming you’re hoping to eat something speedy and filling, attempt Tutto Bene Pizzeria and Fast Food. It’s extremely well known among sightseers and will not call for much investment! For those with a sweet tooth, probably the most scrumptious frozen yogurt shops live in the Old Town. Peppino’s Ice Cream Shop and Sweet Prekala Bar are two of the best.

The Old Town has a few pretty fascinating verifiable destinations too. Ploče entryway is the fourteenth-century door and access to the Old Town toward the finish of a stone extension. Heap entryway is at the opposite finish of Old Town and it dates as far as possible back to 1537.

Right by Pile entryway lies the entrancing Franciscan religious community. It comprises of a congregation and drug store and is an incredible spot to investigate. The gothic Rector’s Palace dwells in the Old Town as well and the engineering of this royal residence is really amazing. At long last, looking at the clock tower is consistently fun as you can see two bronze figures otherwise called the “green twins.”

Experience A Kayaking Adventure During Sunset

You can’t burn through 3 days in Dubrovnik without going on a kayak journey; this is the sort of thing that can’t be left off of your Dubrovnik schedule as they are quite possibly of the most famous movement here! You have the choice to embark on this experience in the early morning, noontime, or in any event, during dusk.

Being that there has been a great deal of outside movement on day 1, I figure, all things considered, let’s leave on your kayak trip in the late evening when the sun is surprisingly straightforward. Likewise, who would have zero desire to be out on the water to watch delightful Croatian nightfall?

The visit I took and cherished is called Dubrovnik: 3-Hour Sunset Sea Kayaking Tour. The actual excursion starts in Old Town at the port of Pile. After a speedy wellbeing outline, you will leave on your kayaking experience.

The outing considers a stop in Betina Cave where you can investigate the cavern by foot or snorkel. You will paddle all over Lokrum Island and get very close to the lovely landscape the island brings to the table. Returning, you’ll have the option to see wonderful nightfall as you paddle through the quiet waters of the Adriatic Sea. Enjoy A Late Dinner On Your First of 3 Days in Dubrovnik

After a long evening out on the water, I prescribe going to a more relaxed supper. Taj Mahal Old Town is an extraordinary late-evening eating spot. Eastern European food is served until late. You can sit inside or out and appreciate everything from salad to soup to a delightful grouping of meats.

Gradska Kavana Arsenal Restaurant is likewise perfect. I would suggest attempting a Croatian martini here on the off chance that you’re groping for it!

3 Days in Dubrovnik Itinerary: Day 2

Bounce On A Ferry To Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island is an extraordinary spot to be to move away from every individual and group in Dubrovnik. You’ve seen the shoreline of Lokrum Island on your kayak journey, and in spite of the fact that it looks pretty vacant from the shoreline, there really is a lot of experience. From climbing to swimming and in any event, getting something to eat, Lokrum Island won’t frustrate.

The most ideal way to get to Lokrum Island is to take the ship from Dubrovnik. It just requires 15 minutes and withdraws from the Old Town Port. The ships cost 150 kunas per individual and leave pretty much like clockwork, so timing needn’t bother with to be excessively severe. To look at the ship times click here.

The actual island has no vehicles so be ready to bring your strolling shoes. Albeit the island is little, there is some territory that will require better shoes.

When you show up at Lokrum Island, there are a couple of fun exercises you can do. Towards the focal point of the island is a little, a salt lake that looks like the Dead Sea. Remember your swimsuit since you’ll need to drift around at this spot. Besides the lake, you can swim in the ocean in the event that you decide. The waters are for the most part quiet and somewhat warm.

An extraordinary, picturesque perspective on Dubrovnik can be found at the most elevated point on Lokrum Island called Fort Royal. There are not very many eateries on the island, so I would suggest giving a shot at the well-known Lacroma Restaurant. Partake in the flavorful food and perspectives as certain peacocks might try and appear!

Have some time off From Your Dubrovnik Itinerary and Relax On The Beach

Following a long, fun day at Lokrum Island, follow it up with some ocean side time. There are tons of sea shores around Dubrovnik, yet to keep you nearer to the Old Town, look at Banje Beach. This ocean side is open and has a pleasant region for sunbathing. There is likewise an ocean-side eatery and bar to get a few food or beverages and cool off.

Remember that the sea shores in Dubrovnik are all rock sea shores and not sand, so certainly bring a towel along or lease a seat.

If you have any desire to get somewhat further from Old Town, Bellevue Beach is pretty. It is a bigger ocean side than most and offers a pleasant spot to swim and sunbathe. The completely clear water is totally gorgeous, so lay back and partake in the Croatian sun! The photograph above is the view from the Bellevue ocean side.

Following an all-around drawn-out day on Lokrum Island, you might need something considerably more unwinding than the ocean side: drinks! Buza bar is found cliffside, just external the city walls and it is a lovely spot to snatch a virus drink during the day or at dusk. Sit outside, partake in the view over the Sea, and taste a pleasant virus drink. Carry cash with you as Buza doesn’t acknowledge cards.

Your 3 Days in Dubrovnik Should Include the Cable Car at Sunset

The Dubrovnik Cable Car is an exceptionally well-known method for seeing an extraordinary perspective on Dubrovnik and the Sea. Ideally, let’s take the streetcar up just before the sun sets and partake in the lovely encompassing scenes. The actual streetcar doesn’t take long by any stretch of the imagination and it is open practically the entire day throughout the mid-year months.

Subsequent to showing up at the highest point of the mountain, there is a café considered Restaurant Panorama where you can partake in a delectable feast and extraordinary see as well. Reserving a spot early on throughout the late spring months is significant as a result of how swarmed the café can get.

Drinks in Old Town

Following an extraordinary day investigating Dubrovnik and its environmental factors, snatching a beverage in Old Town is dependably the best approach and ought to unquestionably be a piece of your Dubrovnik schedule! I suggest looking at NoneNina Bar. It is in the focal point of Old Town and has probably the yummiest, fun beverages! You can sit outside and partake in the city lights or head on in for even more of a bar scene.

3 Days in Dubrovnik Itinerary: Day 3

Contingent upon how much time you have in Dubrovnik or Croatia generally speaking, you should do some island jumping. It’s perfect to get out on the water and every island has it’s own appeal. We composed an entire post about our Croatia Island Hopping Adventure that will give you every one of the subtleties you want to know whether you simply believe should do a road trip or an entire extended trip.

In the event that you simply possess energy for a road trip, follow the day 3 schedule right on time here. Assuming that you like to visit close Montenegro or Bosnia all things considered, read the Best Day Trips from the Dubrovnik segment underneath.

On The Last of 3 Days in Dubrovnik, Take A Ferry to Korcula Island.

There are numerous islands to visit off the shore of Croatia, yet Korcula would be awesome for a road trip from Dubrovnik. The actual island is an extraordinary spot to investigate and unwind being that a lot of Croatia’s wine comes from Korcula.

As far as getting to the island, there are 3 to 4 ships per day from Dubrovnik throughout the mid-year months. Consistently a ship will leave at 7 am and the accompanying ship’s takeoff times vary every day. The excursion will take you around 2 hours, so you will in any case have most of the day to investigate this lovely island. Click here to look at the shipping timetable and buy tickets ahead of time.

Get A Nice Breakfast

Since your day began the early side, partake in a delectable breakfast after a long ship ride at Creperia Sempre Dritto. They have outside seating and the absolute best breakfast crepes. On the off chance that you favor something to get in and out, attempt Cafe Bar STEP for a cappuccino and new croissant. Most of Korcula’s cafés are situated in Old Town, so it’s the best spot to eat.

Lease A Bike And Explore Old Town Korcula

You can either decide to stroll around Old Town Korcula or lease a bicycle for the afternoon. Leasing bicycles is dependably a pleasant method for investigating another city. The best rental shop is called Titan Rent. They additionally lease bikes and vehicles. The shop is strategically placed in the core of Old Town Korcula.

One of the most popular destinations to see in Korcula is Marco Polo’s home. Go for a walk by the house or go in and stroll around. History darlings will partake in the potential chance to see Marco Polo’s origin regardless of whether it’s not 100 percent affirmed.

Korcula Town Museum is additionally something that a set of experiences enthusiasts will appreciate. A four-story castle, the Korcula Town Museum has fascinating relics as far back as the third century B.C., when the Greeks were in Korcula.

Partake in A Food and Drink Tasting

There is an assortment of food as well as wine visits that you can appreciate in Korcula. I suggest the Taste of Korcula by Bike Tour (Food and Drink Tasting), particularly in the event that you hadn’t leased bicycles to investigate the Old Town. To do a mobile wine sampling visit or even a boat visit.

The explanation I like the Taste of Korcula Bike Tour best is on the grounds that you will actually want to attempt a lot of various food sources, for example, honey that is nearby to Korcula. Additionally, being that the island is known for its wine, you will get the opportunity to find out about and attempt a few scrumptious wines too. The trekking is likewise a lot of tomfooleries and permits you to see a portion of the more country region of the island.

Cost: 68€ per individual

Time: May – October 2:45pm-7:00pm

Bunch size: 2-10 individuals

7:25 p.m. – Catch the Ferry Back to Dubrovnik and Enjoy A Late Dinner

The last ship to leave Korcula withdraws at 7:25 p.m, so ensure you get back in time! You ought to show up back at the Dubrovnik port at around 9:30 p.m. I suggest snatching a delayed supper close to the port so you don’t have the difficulty of getting once more into Old Town.

An extraordinary, fancy eatery close by is called Orka Restaurant. There are a lot of fish choices and the show is perfect. America is additionally close by. Here you can partake in pleasant Mediterranean cooking or a bowl of pasta as your 3 days in Dubrovnik reach a conclusion.

Dubrovnik Itinerary At a Glance:

Day 1 – Old Town, City Walls, Kayak in the Adriatic Sea

Day 2 – Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik Beaches, Cable Car

Day 3 – Korcula Island, Old Town, Food and Drink Tasting Tour

Greatest Day Trips From Dubrovnik

We did a whole Balkan excursion for seven days yet you can undoubtedly visit any of the puts we went on a road trip. Either lease a vehicle and go all alone or go on one of these suggested outings.

Montenegro Day Trip – Montenegro was our unexpected hit a year ago. We LOVED this stunning country. Assuming you’ve never been, you simply need to make time to go through somewhere around one day there. This visit is 11-12 hours and you’ll see the enchanting town of Perast, take a short boat ride to Our Lady of the Rocks church, visit the walled city of Kotor and the exquisite coastline town of Budva.

Mostar and Kravice Waterfalls Tour – an 11-hour road trip to Mostar, Bosnia followed by a visit to the stupendous Kravice cascades. There are different visits that are an entire day Mostar visit however it’s a modest community and it would be a disgrace to miss the Kravice cascades.

Elafiti Island Cruise, Lunch, and Snorkel Trip – Visiting the Elafiti Islands is great on the off chance that you are hoping to get out on the water for a day. You will go through the day cruising to 3 distinct islands in the Dubrovnik archipelago, have a smorgasbord lunch have the opportunity and energy to visit an ocean side for sunning, swimming, and swimming.

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