Cheaper Car Insurance Read This 7 Advice

Cheaper Car Insurance Read This 7 Advice

Of course, you want your new car to be properly insured. But which car insurance is best for you. As a car dealer in Eindhoven, we give you useful tips for comparing car insurance.

Advice 1: Choose the Best Coverage:

That is actually not easy, because which coverage is best for your car? In the Netherlands, it is mandatory to ensure at least third-party liability. Below is a list of the most frequently made choices:

  • WA coverage
    • Cars older than 8 years
  • WA+ coverage
    • Cars between 4 and 8 years old
  • All-risk coverage
    • Cars that are not older than 3 years

Advice 2: Look  at The Policy Conditions:

Car insurance policies often have different policy conditions. What you should pay attention to in the policy conditions:

  • The amount of the no-claim discount
  • Influence of damage, theft or vandalism on your no-claim
  • How high is the no-claims discount after a year of damage-free driving
  • Check whether you have a deductible and whether a new value scheme applies

The latter is only important if your car is completely new and you are the first owner.

Advice 3: Question to An Lease Statement:

If you have driven a lease car, you can request a lease statement from the lease company or from your (former) employer. The lease statement states how much damage you have claimed during the lease period, so unfortunately you do not accrue claim-free years during that period.

Advice 4: Choose the same Car Insurer (BeeAnsecondcar):

You have said goodbye to your first car and want to ensure your second car again. You often start with zero claim-free years. The reason for this is that claim-free years are accrued per car. Only then will you not be able to benefit from a no-claims discount. What you do qualify for: a second car scheme where you benefit from a no-claim discount. It is important that both cars are insured with the same car insurer.

Advice 5: Little Damage Repairs Your Self Pay:

You can go down the bonus/malus ladder if you file a claim with your insurer. The height you are on the bonus/malus ladder indicates how much discount you receive. The higher the bonus, the higher the discount. The claim decreases the discount on your premium and your premium will increase. That is why it is best to have the (minor) damage repaired yourself because the increase does not always outweigh those costs.

Advice 6: Choose An Higher Own Risk:

You get a discount on your car insurance premium if you take a higher deductible. This is how it works:

  • Little damage: Save money with a higher deductible
  • Damage: Calculate whether it is better not to pay for this damage yourself. Then you are more profitable with a higher deductible than with a lower deductible

Advice 7: Let on Top Which You Not Do Able Insure Dare:

With supplementary insurance, you have to make sure that you are not double insured. There are additional insurance policies that overlap with other insurance policies, such as:

  • Damage insurance for passengers / Accident-passenger insurance
  • General legal expenses insurance / Special additional legal expenses insurance for motor vehicles

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