Hobbit Hole

Dozing in a Hobbit Hole in New Zealand: Our Stay at Underhill Valley

“In an opening in the ground there carried on with a hobbit… “

Since I originally read these notorious opening lines at the receptive age of ten, I have been totally captivated by the made-up universe cooked up by J.R.R. Tolkien. Throughout the long term, I’ve rehashed The Hobbit and rewatched the films in The Lord of the Rings set three additional times than I can count.

I’ve been awed by Rivendell and hypnotized by Mirkwood, in any case, the Shire is the district that has blended my creative mind the most throughout the long term.

Gracious, to be a hobbit! To have a comfortable little hobbit opening to call my own, with a chimney and books and bread and wine and happy with seating. To reside in a rustic, serene spot where day-to-day existence is based on eating and mingling and being happy. It sounds very great, right?

At the point when I started arranging our New Zealand trip, I realize that meeting Hobbiton Movie Set was a non-debatable thing to add to my schedule. However, that by itself wasn’t sufficient; I needed to have the absolute most hobbity experience it was feasible for an individual to have…


I needed to remain in a hobbit opening in New Zealand.

What’s more, when my exploration lead me to Underhill Valley, found simply a brief drive from Hobbiton Movie Set, I realize that I had found the ideal spot to experience my long-lasting hobbit dreams.

Our day of claiming to be hobbits began with the 8:00 am visit through Hobbiton Movie Set. From that point, we bid goodbye to Matamata and bounced in the vehicle for our short drive to the city of Hamilton. We spent 90 minutes strolling around the Hamilton Gardens, which turned out to be the ideal extra to our day of imagination and eccentricity.

After a heavenly lunch at The Chili House in midtown Hamilton, we came by a nearby bistro (Koko) to snatch smart newly heated merchandise prior to advancing toward Underhill Valley to check-in. We likewise got cheddar, saltines, and wine from a supermarket en route. At long last, the time had come to check-in!

Welcome to Underhill Valley: The Coziest Hobbit Hole Accommodation in New Zealand

Underhill Valley is a unique, hobbit-style “cave house” incorporated into the slope of a functioning ranch in the core of New Zealand’s Waikato District. Every single detail of this mysterious hideout has been mindfully planned and affectionately hand-made by the ranch’s proprietors.

Showing up to Underhill Valley is like venturing into the pages of fantasy: from the intricate stonework to the hand-tailored iron fittings, and from the weighty wood ways to the many glinting candles, it genuinely felt as though we had been moved back to the Medieval period… or maybe to the actual Shire.

From the second we showed up, I was enchanted. My faculties were overpowered by the sorcery and excellence of this extraordinary little hideout, and I didn’t have the foggiest idea where to look first.

The rich round bed heaped with fur covers and pads, à la Game of Thrones? The kitchen that seemed to have been hauled straight out of the Middle Ages? The clawfoot bath outside?

Hobbit Hole
Photo: Aerial view of Marlborough Sounds.


Or on the other hand maybe the grounds…? Wow, the grounds.

As mysterious as the inside of the cavern house is, the grounds truly make it conceivable to envision that you’ve been cleared off to a genuine Shire.

The setting is peaceful and untainted… not out of the ordinary, I assume, taking into account that Underhill Valley is arranged on a functioning ranch. The highlight of the property is a tranquil lake, outlined by rich green foliage and lilies drifting in the water.

A congested willow hangs emphatically over the lake and sits settled against a captivating wooden scaffold. On the opposite side of the extension, a small bunch of yard games calls.

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How Is It to Stay at Underhill Valley?

All in all, how is it really to remain in a hobbit opening in New Zealand? In a word: serene.

From the second we checked in at 4:00 PM to the second we nodded off that evening, we delighted in the enchantment of a straightforward way of life. With no power and no wifi, we were submerged in a valid off-the-matrix computerized detox… and it was impressive.

We started off our visit by investigating the little closed region that would be our home until the following morning: we walked around the nurseries, meandered across the little wooden scaffold, and stuck our heads into the shockingly extravagant disengaged restroom.

When we felt adequately gotten comfortable, the time had come to embrace the hobbit way of life… “and that implies solace,” as Tolkien himself broadly declared completely.

A huge piece of our evening was spent sunning ourselves on the wooden deck neglecting the lake. We tasted South farthing Sackville Cider from the Green Dragon Inn as we paid attention to The Hobbit book recording and watched ducks swim in the lake, sending swells across the generally still water.

As cotton-ball mists floated above and the leaves of the willow tree stirred in the breeze and brushed the outer layer of the lake, I absorbed each drop of euphoria. This was hobbit living, and I was appreciating each second of it.

Afterward, we moved inside to set up a straightforward charcuterie plate of cheddar, relieved meat, and wafers. We likewise opened up a container of New Zealand Pinot Noir.

While we nibbled and tasted, we took a break by playing a couple of rounds of chess. One game transformed into two, two transformed into three, and three transformed into four…

Derek beat me without fail, yet it didn’t make any difference; all that made a difference was that we had great food, great wine, great organization, and great tomfoolery. Straightforward things. Significant things. Hobbit things.

We had an adequate number of bites, treats, and refreshments to keep us full, however, cooking at Underhill Valley is additionally a choice. The old coal range is the ideal spot to prepare a generous hobbit supper, or visitors can cook outside utilizing the gas BBQ.

As the sun sank lower in the western sky, I lit up a match and lit every one of the candles in the little cavern house individually, beginning with the wax-covered candelabra on the table. We pulled the weighty wood entryways shut, nestled into the round bed, and laid there in one another’s arms, encompassed by an ocean of gleaming candles.

It was comfortable, heartfelt, and captivating… all that you could need in a fantasy finishing to a fantasy day.

Before bed, I flushed off the residue and sweat from the day in the segregated “wash cave,” AKA shower. Shockingly, this was one of the most mysterious snapshots of the whole day.

With two solitary candles enlightening the space and the stars apparent external the little window, it seemed like I was showering in a charming cave of some kind.

Fundamental Things to Know Before Booking a Stay at Underhill Valley

1. Underhill Valley is a “glamping” convenience. Glamping = impressive + setting up camp.

Despite the fact that it has components of extravagance, it’s most certainly a bright rural spot. Here is the breakdown:

“Exciting”: Enchanting carefully assembled structural subtleties; fur covers and pads; agreeable bed; huge water shower with heated water; materials and towels given; hand cleanser and body wash given; kitchenware for getting ready and serving food; delightful containers of blossoms; many candles for lighting.

“Setting up camp”: No power; no Wi-Fi; no fridge (there is a cooler or “crisp box,” be that as it may); manure/non-flush latrine; ranch smells on the way in (you go through the fields to get to the cavern house); hope to see a few bugs, including perhaps a couple of inside.

2. Underhill Valley is a spot you go to unwind and loosen up — not a spot you go for experience and energy.

Have a similar outlook as a hobbit! During our visit here we sat in daylight, took a gander at the sky and the water, talked, played prepackaged games, read, paid attention to book recordings, nibbled, and drank juice and wine.

Assuming that sounds exhausting to you… indeed, you could get worn here out! You can choose to incline toward the new sensation of disengaging and dialing back, or you can conclude that this sort of

Involvement presumably is definitely not ideal for you. Simply make certain to show up with reasonable assumptions.

3. Underhill Valley is a family-fabricated and family-possessed property.

The proprietors of Underhill Valley are Jessie and Craig Moon. The cavern house was cooked up and planned by Jessie’s dad, Graham. He and his family set forth numerous long stretches of hard effort fabricating the property and completed it around 2001.

For quite a long time, Underhill Valley filled in as a carefully hidden mystery hideout for loved ones — until Jessie concluded she needed to share her dad’s imagination by opening up the ways to the remainder of the world.

The specific area of Underhill Valley will be kept a mystery until four days before your visit when Jessie will send you the location alongside registration subtleties.

You’ll probably meet both Jessie and Craig during your visit; one of them will be there to welcome you and transport you (and your effects) through a golf truck down a dusty ranch way to Underhill Valley. One of them will likewise be there to get you at your settled upon look at time.

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