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Full Process About Turkey Visa Online

If you’re planning a holiday to Turkey, this article will give you a complete guide on how to apply for a Turkish visa online. It will also cover the application form, fees, and processing time. Keep reading to learn more! After reading this article, you’ll be a step-by-step expert on Turkey travel! And now, you can go ahead and start applying for your Turkey visa online! Here are the steps:

Turkey Visa
Turkey Visa

Single entry

To enter Turkey for a single stay, citizens of the Schengen countries must have a valid passport with at least six months of validity. People who are residing in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany can also apply for a visa without a residence permit. Those from the United States can also enter Turkey without a residence permit but must have a current passport with at least six months validity. They must also have yellow fever vaccination.

Once issued, a single-entry Turkey visa is valid for up to three months from the date of issue, or less than six months or a year. The process is simple and requires the applicant to have a valid passport and a representative in Turkey. It is also necessary to submit two photos in format four x six centimeters, a valid foreign passport, and a signature sheet issued by the Department of Trade and Industry.


The fees for Turkey Visa Online vary depending on the type of visa you need. There are two different types of visas: multiple entry and single entry. Using the right tool will make the process easy and quick. It will display all fees, as well as information on how long the visa is valid. The fees cover the government fee, the processing fee, and any currency conversion fees. The fees may also include a credit/debit card processing fee.

To apply for a Turkey Visa online, you must fill out a short application form. It takes only a few minutes to fill out and is usually approved within 24 hours. Once approved, you will receive an eVisa via email. Be sure to double check the details you enter. The processing time is between 30 minutes and one hour. Using an online application saves you time by avoiding the embassy process.

Processing time

If you are traveling to Turkey, you may be wondering how to reduce the processing time of your application. There are several online applications that can help you with this process. While these applications are fast and easy, they can be time consuming depending on the number of applicants and crowd size. In addition, you need to know that processing times vary, so you should be sure to plan ahead and keep the necessary documents ready to submit. Read on to learn more about Turkey visa online and how to expedite your process.

When applying online, the process takes about 5 minutes. The processing time for your application can be as fast as 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the website and your specific application. The processing time for your application will be longer if you are applying through the Turkish Embassy, but you should still expect a five-day turnaround time. You can also choose super-rush processing, which means that you will receive your visa within half an hour, instead of waiting weeks or months.

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Application form

In order to apply for a Turkey visa online, you must have some necessary documents. Before you can proceed with your application, make sure that you meet the criteria set by the Turkish authorities. Generally, you must have a valid passport, proof of sufficient funds, and accommodation reservations. If you are planning to work in Turkey, you may be required to show letters of guarantee or business registration. However, you can also apply for a work visa if you are interested in gaining meaningful employment in Turkey.

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A valid Turkey visa has a validity of 180 days. This period starts from the date you apply for it. When applying online, be sure to indicate the date you will arrive in Turkey. Depending on when you intend to enter, you can stay for up to 90 days, or you can split up your stay to several shorter periods of time. For more information, you can visit the page that discusses the validity of a Turkey visa.

Note: This is not permanent information. It depends on government policy.

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