Here's why It's Better To Eat A Kiwi With The Skin On

Here’s why It’s Better To Eat A Kiwi With The Skin On

You Will Get More Vitamins:

With its green pulp and hairy, brown skin, this fruit is delicious and very healthy. For example, kiwis are real vitamin bombs; they are full of vitamin C and contain potassium. However, do you want to reap the full health benefits of consuming kiwi fruit? So eat the skin too.

The Skin:

We all know it’s best not to peel an apple. The skin of an apple contains the most vitamins. However, it’s hard to believe that it’s best not to peel a kiwi. But, like an apple, the skin is the healthiest part of the kiwi. Yes, that hairy layer around the green flesh is perfect for you. But, how are you going to turn that skin into a culinary masterpiece? How are you going to make this peel edible?


The flesh of the kiwi is exceptionally healthy, but the skin is also suitable for you. For example, the skin is full of fiber, which is good for digestion. This fibber also has a positive effect on cholesterol levels, according to Health Net. However, many people don’t want to eat this hairy skin because it doesn’t taste good. Is there a solution? Yes, brush the hair off the skin and rinse the fruit.


Now, are you wondering why this skin is so healthy? We can tell you. The skin of the kiwi fruit contains a lot of vitamin C and a lot of vitamin E. Therefore; the skin is rich in fiber, which is good to know. Do you have a little trouble going to the bathroom? So, eating the peel of the kiwi fruit ensures that your intestines are regular again. Does it stop there? No, we haven’t told you everything yet. The substances in the kiwi peel also have a positive effect on your cholesterol level!


Are you tempted to try kiwi peel? So, we have another tip for you. Start with a yellow kiwi fruit – they have less hair. After cleaning the hairs, can you still feel a lot of inches? So, there is another simple solution: put the fruit in a blender with yogurt or milk, and add the skin. You will then have a tasty and healthy smoothed!

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