Hiking in New Zealand

Hiking in New Zealand: 5 Week Recap and Travel Tips

During our most memorable visit to the country, we endured 5 weeks of hiking in New Zealand and it was a totally marvelous encounter for us. The nation is downright perfect, there could be no alternate method for putting it.

5 weeks appears to be quite a while to visit someplace, yet we wound up needing to go through another 2-3 weeks of investigating. I can read your mind, the sum total of what you have is time so for what reason isn’t that right? Indeed, we had 2 reasons.

First, you must have a forward pass to enter New Zealand. This implied we needed to book a ticket out of the country before we might really load onto our plane to Auckland when we flew out of California toward the finish of February.

We essentially picked a date and afterward reserved a pass to Australia. Attempting to adhere to a spending plan that choice was impacted by the least expensive flight we could find.

Also, we realize that New Zealand would have been costly. We were at that point somewhat reluctant to stretch out to 5 weeks when we initially had figured we would spend just 3 weeks there.

When we began arranging, however, obviously 3 weeks was insufficient time for our arranged course and afterward stretched out to about a month. A month or so later, we added no plans fifth week on the grounds that the month we had arranged was at that point excessively full.

We would both love to get back to New Zealand for a more extended timeframe and work a little to balance the expense of being there. The nation is unbelievably different and there are still things we didn’t be able to.


In any case, until further notice, we’re set for seeing different regions of the planet and investigating our recap of this wonderful country.

Exploring in New Zealand: 5-Week Recap

Chapter by chapter list

Kiwi Experience New Zealand RTW Recap

What We Loved about Backpacking in New Zealand

The crude regular excellence of New Zealand is sufficient to drop any voyager’s jaw, including our own. It is so shocking you wind up practically becoming safe to its excellence.

Wherever you look it’s astonishing and you simply become acclimated to checking out it each and every day on your movements through the country.

Natural life is extremely special. We saw a few assortments of birds, yellow-looked-at penguins, a Fordland penguin, sperm whales, shadowy dolphins, Hector dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, gooney birds, ocean lions, and seals.

It was absolutely astounding in that angle and obviously more often than not the sightings were backdropped with the previously mentioned view.

Hiking in New Zealand
Photo: The strenuous yet highly rewarding hike to Roy’s Peak in Wanaka. The hike is difficult but the views are spectacular. A woman walks down the trail.


The valuable chances to attempt such countless new exercises and experiences. It isn’t each day that you visit where you can top off each day north of 5 weeks exploring new territory.

We are so appreciative of our chance to get beyond the safe place and attempt a few insane new things including skydiving, wilderness boating, cave abseiling, surfing, spring of gushing lava journeying, and ice climbing.

Kiwis are presumably the most inviting and cordial individuals we have met to date. We were constantly welcomed happily or a hand waved.

There was certainly not a solitary time that we experienced difficulty requesting headings or help with something. Their cordiality causes you to feel appreciated during your visit.

We totally cherished our experience with the Kiwi Experience. We had our second thoughts about their party notoriety yet were superbly astounded that this doesn’t exactly measure up for the organization by any stretch of the imagination.

Indeed, individuals celebrated, however in the event that you would have rather not, it wasn’t in front of you. We met a few astonishing individuals on our excursion around the North and South Islands, including some really astounding transport drivers that made our time truly remarkable.

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I wouldn’t delay the slightest bit to prescribe them to another person or travel on them again on a return visit to New Zealand.

RTW Recap New Zealand

What We Didn’t Love about Backpacking in New Zealand

I’ll get this going by saying the expense of everything. hiking in New Zealand is very costly (contrasted with numerous different spots in the World) and in spite of the fact that we took full advantage of our financial plan, we actually spent more cash than we had trusted during our visit.

It was a miserable day for us while tracking down dinner at an eatery for $10 made them think we were getting a fair setup. EEEKKK! The US Dollar isn’t a major area of strength for extremely the NZ Dollar, so that didn’t help much by the same token.

Paying $4.00 for a virus jug of Coke. We are as yet recoiling about this! David can’t survive without an everyday portion of Coke or Pepsi and we wound up obsessing about it as we didn’t can purchase a 12-pack and convey it more often than not. So there were too often we paid the $4.00.

Nickel and diming you to death on everything. Assuming that you went to say McDonald’s (on the grounds that it was the least expensive feast around), tops were not free. Those cost $1.00. Gracious, do you need ketchup for your French fries? That will be $2.00.

Requesting the most astounding fish-n-chips, yet you need tarter sauce? That will be $4.00. Truly, they charge for each. little. thing. Nearly with the eventual result of angering fatigue. Try not to misunderstand me, we adored New Zealand, however, when you are money-grubbing, this becomes tiresome genuine quickly.

Paying for web and afterward having it not function admirably. This was the subject overall around New Zealand. They are earnestly behind on web development.

Try not to misunderstand me, it was accessible all over the place, however, it was rarely free or sensibly evaluated. Nor accomplished it at any point function admirably. The exemption was McDonald’s in Retour, where we had quick free web, and the Papa Museum in Wellington. We spent numerous evenings up late trusting that things will transfer when we were working. This was past disappointing in light of the fact that we effortlessly spent around $200NZD on web access while we were there.

RTW Recap New Zealand

What Did We Spend?

We spent a normal of $145USD each day for 2 individuals while exploring New Zealand. This number incorporates transportation, convenience, exercises, food, web, and some other random buys during our 5 weeks.

Seeing as our objective excursion normal is $100USD each day and we realized we would be more than that while in New Zealand, we are really content with this number.

Transportation: This was principally by transport on the Chilly Bin transport pass from Kiwi Experience. Watch out for the site as they run executioner bargains occasionally, which can get you into a National Pass at a truly incredible cost.

There were multiple times we visited puts from the Kiwi course and we paid for extra transport tickets for that. We involved the intercity and naked transport for modest transport passage when we did this. We likewise leased a vehicle for 2 days in Dunedin to visit the Melaka Boulders and the Otego Peninsula.

Convenience: most within recent memory was spent in apartments at the different lodgings the Kiwi Experience stops at. We paid on normal $30NZD per bed each night for 4-6 bed dormitories.

Confidential rooms ran between $60-$110NZD each evening, so we set aside a ton of cash by remaining in residences. We went overboard when the confidential rooms were on the less expensive side of the range or on the other hand in the event that we were remaining some place for a couple of days.

Exercises: There is such a great amount to do and most visits normally are $150-$250NZD per individual. In the event that you are arranging an excursion to New Zealand, make certain to design in a lot of cash for exercises.

We were madly fortunate to make them astonish accomplices during our time in New Zealand and this diminished our expenses fundamentally. Notwithstanding, we paid for the majority of things that we just couldn’t miss too.

Food: The Kiwi Experience does a truly pleasant work of working in supermarket stops as you venture to every part of the country. This permitted us to get a good deal on food. We would design our dinners and cook at the inn kitchens as opposed to going out.

This diminished our feast costs from $20-$40NZD per dinner to under $10 per feast, in addition, we were eating way better along these lines and a lot better.

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