King Wil Hurt

Rumor Has It that King Wil Has an EP Dropping Soon

According to rumors, King Wil will release an EP soon.

King Wil, a native from Louisiana and Maryland but now resides in North Carolina, knew as a child that he wanted to pursue music.

King Wil Hurt
Photo: King Wil

King Wil now enjoys creating memorable memories for his fans by hearing his own songs on the radio and collaborating with other musicians. Not only does he get to write music every day, but he also gets to work with some of your favorite musicians!

King Wil has also stated that performing on stage or in a venue is his favorite activity. Following the success of his most recent hit single “Hurt,” which has received over 120k streams. King Wil has decided not only to drop another single titled “Up Next” last month, but he is also attempting to stand out by spreading rumors about a new album coming out at the end of the summer. The independent artist stands out like a diamond in the rough.

Further, rumors has it that King Wil’s EP “Renegade” will be the project that helps him cross the threshold of a successful unsigned artist! Tune in to hear King Wil on the airwaves and follow him on social media @therealkingwil.


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