Visit Queenstown in Winter

Top 5 motivations to visit Queenstown, New Zealand in winter

5 Reasons to Visit Queenstown in Winter

Queenstown is one of New Zealand’s most famous vacationer locations. The modest community of 30,000 occupants is really paradise on Earth. Situated in the southern locale of Otago in New Zealand’s Lake District, Queenstown is as the name recommends – fit for a Queen! What’s more, adequately entertaining, that is really the way things were named!

From the second guests fly in over Lake Wakatipu they are invited with stunning perspectives on the Southern Alps. When you leave the air terminal, Queenstown’s patio is presently your number one jungle gym.

Visit Queenstown in Winter
Visit Queenstown in Winter

The motivations to visit Queenstown are huge and its most well known season is as a matter of fact summer. In any case, it was Queenstown’s colder time of year that had me on a plane with all that I claimed to set up base here.

In the wake of moving here it was not difficult to see the reason why each and every individual who visited Queenstown cherished it. However, in the event you don’t know why you ought to add visiting Queenstown in winter to your list of must-dos, I have definite the best 5 motivations to visit Queenstown in winter, here!

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The nightlife in Queenstown in winter is something to become amped up for. In general, including me, not the enormous bars tempt me however rather sitting back before a fire partaking in a reflected (or hot) wine. There is even a pondered ginger brew! These scrumptious beverages are served at practically every one of the bars and come in a wide range of styles.

5 motivations to visit Queenstown in winter

Many bars around offer astounding perspectives on the mountains so tracking down a spot to partake in a reflected on wine during the day or night is simple! Anyway one of my #1 spots is the Sunset Bar. That spot is delightful!


Summer for the most part gets explorers from around the world who come to observe a portion of the dazzling climbs on offer in New Zealand. Notwithstanding, why limit all your climbing to summer?

With many astonishing day climbs in and around Queenstown, it is not difficult to climb in winter. A portion of my top choices incorporate Queenstown Hill, Ben Lomond Peak, Roy’s Peak, Jacks Point and the climbs up the Remarkables ski field!

5 motivations to visit Queenstown in winter

Obviously, in winter it is vital to check climate and trail conditions prior to taking off however with great circumstances, the many climbs around Queenstown become and unheard of degree of excellence in winter!


Everything is more gorgeous with snow – particularly the mountains. I don’t figure anybody can contend with that. Queenstown is encircled by mountain pinnacles and when a sweeping of snow lays upon them, the result is staggering. From dawn to nightfall the mountains put on a heavenly act. Something about is being encircled by mountains that appear to give pleasure to each day.

5 motivations to visit Queenstown in winter

On the off chance that you’re into photography, the colder time of year landscape will most likely get you invigorated! With interminable photograph valuable open doors around getting the ideal snaps is simple! With a short drive to Glenorchy or a climb up to Ben Lomond Peak, you can be really in a colder time of year wonderland!


Throughout the late spring a long time in Queenstown, it doesn’t get dull until around 10 pm, in any case, in winter the days get a whole lot more limited. For most this isn’t great, be that as it may, with Queenstown’s distant area it is the ideal spot to star look. With the more limited days mean you will not need to remain up truly late to see them all things considered! By 7 pm in winter, the sky is totally dull and the stars start to gleam down.

5 motivations to visit Queenstown in winter

From Queenstown, the Milky Way sparkles during that time sky and the stars feel like they are inside an arm’s range. One more extraordinary thing about Queenstown is that review the southern lights is sufficiently south! Indeed, that is correct the southern half of the globe has its own astounding light show!

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Believe it or not, while the other famous ski objections on the planet dissolve away, New Zealand’s is simply getting everything rolling. With this comes the energetic and cordial culture the mountains bring as individuals from everywhere the world pursue the powder. During this season, Queenstown is humming and an excursion up to the mountains is the ideal method for going through the day. Situated in the Queenstown region are three ski slopes, the Remarkables, Coronet Peak and Cardrona.

5 motivations to visit Queenstown in winter

With 3 astonishing mountains close to home, you can stir things up around town runs and partake in some powder in July. Every one of the fields are inside driving distance of Queenstown and two of them should be visible from town!

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To wrap things up, winter isn’t just less bustling which implies less lines, stand by times at eateries, and only all around absurdity, yet this additionally makes it less expensive! In the colder time of year, there are so many food and drink specials at practically every café! In any case, not just that, those experience exercises that Queenstown is referred to for, for example, bungy hopping, skydiving, or riding the fly boat, all go on special! Winter specials are promoted all through the roads of Queenstown and a few exercises go down to half off!

In winter, Queenstown turns into a completely better place than in summer. The genuine excellence of the Southern Alps becomes fully awake thus does this modest town. Visiting Queenstown in winter is an unquestionable necessity, and for the people who have been in summer, another spot is standing by!

Daniel is an experience devotee who ventures to the far corners of the planet searching for his next thrill. After completing 14 months going in Latin America, Daniel currently refers to Queenstown, New Zealand as “home.” Daniel will be moving again soon to investigate the remainder of New Zealand followed by India and Canada! Follow him on his undertakings on his touring blog, Destination less Travel or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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